Music Club of ICT

Affiliated to Technological Association of Institute of Chemical Technology, Music Club is a place which instills seeds of musical sense among its people. Its prime objective is to bring out sort of “masked” musical face of its people into the open air all-round the year.

Music Club propagates the sense of music and dance into the multitude of the institute. Its activities include regular and efficient practice sessions

where individuals prepare themselves for intra institute events and also learn different ragas, dance forms and their choice of musical instruments. Manzar, the Cultural Fest of the institute, consists of five major events managed by the Music Club of ICT. Its people are not only proficient at both understanding music and dance, but managing their human resources for maximal output.

The most anticipated activity of the club is “EUPHORIA”- is an event where any individual of the institute performs different music or dance forms. Year 2013 marked a very high participation in the event with recognition of many different music and dance forms which resulted in a success overall.

Early in the year, new comers to the institute are introduced to the club through their exclusive event Freshers. This highlights the talented ones and ensures their participation in further events of the club.

Among other activities of the club, one is “Monsoon Night”. This marks the introduction of Music Club to the freshers. It helps new comers understand the kind of performances that are expected and the hard work behind it.

Music Club has been an indispensible entity of the Institute. Members of the club are seasoned and nurtured enough to lead this body into a new dawn by working upon the pre-existing legacies, as well as by inculcating indigenous ideas, which coerces into holding a belief that this year our endeavours will culminate into something more special and vibrant.