Sparks! The Literary Club of ICT

The promotion of literature, in every form and language has been something that our college has taken active interest in. With young minds that are buzzing with opinions, ideas and the quest for knowledge, it is prudent that I.C.T. has decided to invest resources in honing the workings of the Literary Club.Sparks, the Literary Club of I.C.T. has over the years, organised many fun-filled activities, whether it is in collaboration with the culutral festival i.e. Manzar or whether on its own in the form the The Annual Lit-A-Thon. Our stalwart activities like the inter-college quiz competition, the Mock United Nations (MUN) which was a huge success and played to a packed audience, the Just-A-Minute (JAM) competition that elicits a great response from participants as well as students. Along with these, manyother events like the Face-Off debate and Extempore competition enable students to develop the confidence they need to perform on stage and to present their views in front of an audience.However, the Literary Club isn’t just about speaking, it also includes The Spirit of I.C.T. ( which is the official online magazine for the college.This includes meeting once every month to pick up a new book and watch one movie, as per the choice of the students and subsequently have discussions about the same.Along with this,The Literary Club would also promote an intra-college level literary event so that our students are well-versed with performing these activities as well as an ICT Inter-Collegiate Literary Team which participates in various Literary Arts activities at an inter-college level.