ICT SPORTSAGA is one of the leading sports festival in the city of Mumbai witnessing a footfall of over 10,000 people over the 11 days. Currently in its 13th edition, one can participate in over 20+ events along with an array of informal and fun events for the couch potatoes. In order to conduct an event of such a big magnitude, you need a dedicated team who instil on providing a quality experience to sportsmen and other people alike. Fun Fact : ICT Marathon is the largest solely student organised Marathon in the state of Maharashtra.


To promote sportsmanship, camaraderie, benevolence and different esteems created through playing sports, advancing fitness and wellness through various activities organised by the Sports Club of ICT. To bring about a positive change in the society via ICT MARATHON. ( to know more about ICT MARATHON click here.. )


To become one of the leading sports festivals in the country providing a platform for the country’s best university athletes to showcase their prowess.