TEDX ICT MUMBAI is one of the flagship events of ICT Mumbai. The 2020 edition will be its
sixth edition. TEDxICTMumbai is an event that is organised independently by the students of
the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai operated by an official license obtained by
TED. The main purpose of conducting this event is to propagate new ideas, innovation and
inventions.As the world races towards innovating and making breakthrough discoveries in the field of
science, technology, commerce and the arts, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai also
finds it important to expose its students to the ever-changing world around them. With this
TEDxICTMumbai endeavour, ICT plans to inculcate the spirit of sharing ideas, discovering
new ways of looking at the way things happen, and promoting the path of innovation among
the students. The world is a global village and ICT intends on making sure that its students
are citizen of this new world.In a world where the way we exchange, understand, and innovate in ways which are
constantly evolving, TED and TEDx are great tools to interact with the world without having to
travel around the world to do so. This makes information and ideas easier to access, enables
collaborations between citizens of different countries and above all promotes the harmonious
exchange of innovation, something that is the need of the hour in the 21st century.