Coalescing the exuberance of Exergy, the ideation of YICC(Young Innovator’s choice Competition), and the technical acumen of YRC (Young Researchers’ Conference), into arguably India’s biggest technical festival in the chemical field, we present to you – “VORTEX: The ChemFest, 2013” Exergy comprised of technical as well as non-technical events.

Participation in Exergy intrigued the uninitiated in the form of Masterclass and Ignite-ICT, and enabled the seasoned to showcase their aptitude in the events like IDP, Simplant, Management Maestro and numerous other event. The fun-loving kind participated in the events like Dexter’s Lab, Acta-Chemica etc.

YICC-YRC was a revered as an arena for a clash of the most seasoned student minds of the chemical domain, from all over India, as they aimed at solving Industry defined problems in the disciplines of chemical engineering, technology, sciences,pharmacy, biotechnology, and bio-processing. Students also showcased their technical prowess in form of technical research papers and posters.

In a generation that goes by the mantra of ‘Bigger is Better’, VORTEX: The ChemFest synergistically combines the best aspects of these festivals in order to expose the true potential our emerging entrepreneurial generation.